Session on “Intra-plate magmas, their xenolith and diamond cargo” chaired by Andrea Giuliani at the Goldschmidt Conference

August 2015: session on “Intra-plate magmas, their xenolith and diamond cargo” chaired by Andrea Giuliani at the Goldschmidt Conference

“Mantle melting that occurs away from subduction zones and mid-oceanic ridges are important though often overlooked processes by which both oceanic and continental lithosphere can grow and stabilize, or even weaken. In contrast to other tectonic settings, the intraplate environment produces an enormous range of primitive magma types (e.g., alkaline basalts, ferropicrites, kimberlites, carbonatites) with diverse isotopic compositions. The compositional diversity is commonly explained by variable thickness and enrichment style/history of the affected lithospheric plates. However, whether the lithospheric mantle is actively involved in melt generation and to what extent, remains a controversial subject. It also remains poorly understood whether some intraplate magmatic provinces are sourced from deep-rooted thermochemical plumes or simply derived from convecting upper mantle materials by decompression melting. Equally, differences in COH-volatile speciation, as a function of mantle oxidation state, may have profound effects on melting and phase relations in both peridotitic and eclogitic sources.

We welcome contributions based on observation, experimentation, and modeling that: (1) investigate the generation and evolution of primitive magmas in intraplate settings, (2) study the processes and products associated with melt/fluid-facilitated overprinting of mantle lithosphere, such as cryptic and modal metasomatism, including megacryst and diamond formation, (3) examine plume-lithosphere interactions, and (4) study the potential links between volatile mobility and fluid speciation in Earth’s mantle and processes that lead to lithosphere destruction and continental break-up. We particularly invite research that exploits modern analytical tools at the micro-scale or smaller to address large-scale phenomena observed within intraplate magmatic provinces, their plumbing systems, and xenolith/diamond cargo.”


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