The KiDs group convened a session at the XXII Meeting of the International Mineralogical Association held in Melbourne from 13-17 August 2018. The session titled “Mantle Xenoliths, Kimberlites and Related Magmas: The Diamond Trilogy” was well attended and was the largest session on the Tuesday of the conference.

Session – Mantle Xenoliths, Kimberlites and Related Magmas: The Diamond Trilogy

The morning included a presentation by PhD student Hayden Dalton on the Kuusamo kimberlites in Finland and another by post-doc Montgarri Castillo-Oliver on carbonates in the Benfontein sills. In the afternoon PhD student Eunjoo Choi spoke about alkaline magmatism in the Yilgarn craton before the group attended the poster session. Angus Fitzpayne, Ashton Soltys, Henrietta Farr and Madeline Tovey presented posters at the conference.


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