KiDs (Kimberlites and Diamonds) is a research group established at the University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences in 2015. Our research aims to understand how, when and why fluids affect the deep realms of our planet. Resolving the genesis and composition of fluids in the deep Earth is of importance for understanding the transport of chemical species through the Earth,  modification of the physical and chemical properties of rocks and the introduction of new minerals, including diamonds!

Diamonds formation and preservation

We know that kimberlite magmas resorb and even destroy diamonds. One of the overarching goals of this work is to provide quantifiable mineral/fluid chemistry parameters to evaluate diamond potential and grade – impact for diamond exploration.

Juina Diamond

A holistic approach

We study kimberlites and related rocks (orangeites, lamproites, etc.) and the diamonds, mantle xenoliths and megacrysts they entrain, using a combination of petrographic, geochemical and geochronological techniques. Our ultimate aim is to bring together a wide range of geoscience disciplines (e.g., volcanology, geophysics), into a holistic approach.